Dalmeny - A Great Place for Business!

Dalmeny is a vibrant community where new and existing businesses can thrive with access to new highway infrastructure, a growing population and the latest residential developments while still enjoying the benefits of a smaller centre.

New Infrastructure

Dalmeny is connected to Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway) via Grid 684 (also known as the Dalmeny Access Road) and to Highway 12 via Highway 305.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways recently completed a $20 million infrastructure upgrade to Grid 684 through the encouragement of the Town of Dalmeny (and project partners SREDA, City of Warman, City of Martensville and the Rural Municipality of Corman Park) to provide better highway access from Dalmeny to Highway 16 and Highway 305. The highway upgrade provides new and existing businesses in Dalmeny with access to important economic trade corridors and provides enhanced connections to customers and suppliers.

2012 Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways Average Annual Daily Traffic Counts data showed that 2,710 vehicles travel daily on the Highway 16 Auxiliary to the Dalmeny Access Road. 2,710 vehicles commuting back and forth to Saskatoon and other destinations daily along this stretch of highway presents numerous opportunities to capture commuting traffic along the Dalmeny Access Road through commercial and industrial developments.

Growing Population and Residential Developments

Statistics Canada 2011 Census data shows that the Town of Dalmeny has a population of 1,702 people (an increase of 9.1% from previous census). The population continues to grow with 2013 Saskatchewan Health data showing Dalmeny’s population at 2,053 people.

In addition to its growing population, Dalmeny is experiencing unprecedented growth in residential development with a projected increase of 200 to 300 new lots to be completed within the next five years (an increase of 33% to 50% in residential properties in the community). New residential developments will enhance the current residential landscape and may lead to local employment, contracting, and good/service opportunities for the local community.

Opportunities for Commercial and Retail Developments

Dalmeny’s current and future projected growth has greatly increased the demand for commercial and retail development. In a recent Community Needs Assessment Survey, 97.64% of survey responses indicated that their household would shop locally where services exist in Dalmeny.

The Town of Dalmeny also offers new and existing businesses with the opportunity to apply for Economic Development Incentives to assist with eligible project development costs of $100,000 or more.

Interested in starting or expanding your business in Dalmeny? Please contact the town office for further information at 306-254-2133.