J.J. Loewen Community Centre

J.J. Loewen Community Centre

Hall Rental Rates - Jan 2017
For rentals contact Town Office 254-2133

Hall day broken down into 2 parts:
Early 6 am to 3 pm;    Later 3pm on
** Damage deposit required $350.00 **

Wedding Package $700.00
Friday 3pm - All day Sat - Sun to 3pm

All Day Events $300.00

Other Events
Half Day Events $150/day Local Service Clubs/Non- Profit/Minor Sports- (max 4hr) $30.00
Local Clubs, non-profit Wind-ups- $100.00
Funeral $200.00
Dance/Educ Classes (max 4hr) $30.00
Table rental (wooden only) $5.00 ea
Chair rental $1.00 each/day
Grill $20.00

JJ Loewen Community Centre Hall Rental Rates Policy
That all bookings for the JJ Loewen Community Center Hall be quoted a price from the above list of rental rates based on their status.

To ensure that Dalmeny facility renters be billed in an equal and consistent manner.

Wedding Package: Prior Evening; Wedding Day/Evening & Gift Opening (Fri-3pm, Sat & Sun to 3 pm)
Community Hall: JJ Loewen Community Hall (Kitchen, Coat Room, Dance Floor)

Additional Janitor Costs (if renters have not cleaned up)
Complete Clean-Up $200.00
Sweep & mop hall floor $40.00
Set Up/Clean up chairs/tables $75.00
Clean up kitchen $100.00

Additional Call Out Fee
Open for set up/decorating the day before event - If keys are not picked up from Town Office $20.00.

In case of problems during your evening or weekend event, please contact Terry E. 306-254-2072.

During regular office hours, contact the Town Office at 254-2133, Mon to Fri from 9-noon and 1-5 pm.

Click here for the JJ Loewen Rental Agreement.