As Dalmeny continues to grow, the Town has developed a business bylaw to ensure that businesses are in compliance with local regulations and to gather crucial statistics on land-use information and the local workforce. Obtaining up-to-date business information is vital for the Town of Dalmeny to make effective future planning decisions for the betterment of our community.

As part of the Town of Dalmeny’s business bylaw, all new and existing businesses operating within the Town are required to purchase an annual business licence and display this licence in a prominent location at your business headquarters. By purchasing a business licence, businesses are providing the Town with the funds to effectively promote the business community, track business trends to make informed development decisions and create business development initiatives such as the Dalmeny Community Needs Assessment project and Dalmeny’s Business Development Guide.

Contact the Town Office if you have any questions regarding the Business Bylaw or Business Licencing process at 306-254-2133.