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Town Council


Photo compliments of Terry Pugh, Clark’s Crossing Gazette.
Back left to right: Councillors Jon Redekop, Karly Russin, Anna-Marie Zoller, Ed Slack, Christa-Ann Willems, Greg Bueckert
Front left to right: Adminstrator/CAO Jim Weninger, Mayor Jon Kroeker

Dalmeny Council Members

Mayor: Jon Kroeker -
Jon Redekop -
Anna-Marie Zoller -
Ed Slack -
Karly Russin -
Christa-Ann Willems -
Greg Bueckert -

Town Administrator
Jim Weninger -

Next Meetings:
Next Council Meetings [2020]: January 13/27; February 10/24; March 9/23; April 13/27; May 11/25; June 8/22; July 13; August 17; September 14/28; October 19; November TBD; December TBD.
Start time is 7:00pm.